I’ve finally reached Chapter 300 [KHR] and so here we go…

We get to meet the Simon family and the people who stand out the most are Enma and Adelhied. Enma and his guardians are very much like Tsuna and his guardians. Nothing bad has happened yet.

((Spoiler alert, it won’t be.))

So the Vongola inheritance ceremony is coming up and Tsuna will be officially recognized as Vongola Decimo, head of a powerful mafia group. Except he doesn’t want to be. Which is perfectly normal for a middle schooler.

Tsuna tells his “grandfather” (Vongola Nono) this and everything seems cool.. Reborn is a bit upset, but his expectations have always been high. Tsuna’s basically tells Vongola Nono:

Meanwhile, other mafia families have been trying to kill/protect the Vongola Decimo and his guardians. Creating a commotion in the background.

Enma helps Tsuna trying to deal with these people. However, Enma seems to be planning a test for Tsuna and writes a note basically saying that Enma has been kidnapped (which he wasn’t) and for Tsuna to come rescue him. Unfortunately Tsuna never sees the note (Lambo pushed it off the table) and Enma is like:

So Tsuna fails this “test,” so the Simon family goes through with their plan. AND YAMAMOTO IS FUCKING ATTACKED BY ONE OF ENMA’S GUARDIANS:

Everybody is worried and races to the hospital (except for Hibari, because he’s just Hibari). Reborn says that the person who attacked Yamamoto will attack again. Probably at the inheritance ceremony. So Tsuna decides to go through with the ceremony to find the culprit responsible. And I’m like:

So time skip to the ceremony, everybody is there and I mean everybody. The Varia, Dino, and other families. And just when Tsuna is about to inherit the “sin” (which is a vial of blood, wtf?) BAM! Shit hits the fan. Enma steals the “sin” and attacks everyone!

Enma is just like “REVENGE.” Tsuna is like “WHY?!”

Apparently this huge fight, caused by Enma with advice from Adelhied, was because Vongola Primo was friends with Simon Primo but ended up betraying him. So the Simon name ended up being dragged dirt as a result of this mission they failed (the one where Giotto betrayed them).

((Btw Tsuna thinks so too.))

So ex-useless Enma kicks the asses of the entire Vongola family

((Itwas rather embarrassing to see them get their asses kicked.))


Chrome is kidnapped. Yamamoto is still in the hospital. Hibari is pissed. Ryohei is in shock. Gokudera is upset. Tsuna is also in shock. And Lambo is missing.

Then this old guy Talbot pops up out of nowhere and offers to fix the rings and upgrade them. It has a 50/50 chance of working. Tsuna is all serious looking and I’m sitting here like please work:

It seems to work for everyone and the new Vongola equipment looks awesome!

And that’s the end of Chapter 300 but argggg I’m so fucking mad at Enma.

This whole thing is just one huge misunderstanding! Seriously! Why didn’t Enma just talk to Tsuna?!

Thanks for reading!